Our News at NAB: New Partnerships and Products Revealed

One hundred years of NAB means one hundred years of showcasing new technologies, innovations, and partnerships in the colorful and dazzling world of broadcast, entertainment, and media. Alongside its cutting-edge technologies, Fraunhofer IIS presents many exciting new partnerships during the centennial show!

From encoders and monitoring devices to world-famous content creating tools, Fraunhofer IIS has formed groundbreaking strategic partnerships with many big names in the industry – including Ateme, Avid, Meta, Steinberg, and Wohler. Experience all the new partnerships at the Fraunhofer Booth #C3529 in Central Hall!

From Content Creation to Distribution: MPEG-H Audio Partnerships Reach Important Milestones

The creation of MPEG-H Audio content simplified: Fraunhofer IIS partners with Avid to support MPEG-H Audio in Pro Tools. This strategic partnership will reduce production complexity and establish a flexible workflow to create MPEG-H Audio content for music, film, and broadcast. Pro Tools is the world’s most used and awarded audio production software for making music, movies, and TV shows. Dive into the production process at NAB and have a read about the partnership here.

At NAMM, Fraunhofer IIS proudly announced the native support of MPEG-H Audio in Steinberg’s Nuendo updates to come and now the new product is at display at NAB, too. Steinberg, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional audio software and hardware, will integrate the most advanced Next Generation Audio system seamlessly to enable producers to create a unique sound experience without having to deviate from their customary workflows. Find out more about the Nuendo updates here – or experience it yourself at the Fraunhofer IIS booth.

Monitoring is an important step in the broadcast chain. Fraunhofer IIS and Wohler, supplier of monitoring solutions to the broadcast and streaming industry, partner to deliver MPEG-H Audio monitoring to broadcasters and streaming services. The MPEG-H Audio supporting quality control solution iAM-12G-SDI 4K Monitor will be demonstrated at Fraunhofer’s booth C3529 and at Wohler’s booth N3239. Find out more how it provides operators with an easy and accessible way to quality-check all MPEG-H Audio interactivity options just before the final transmission or read more about the partnership online.

Fraunhofer IIS is proud to announce and present two partnerships that support the distribution of MPEG-H Audio: Spin Digital’s live encoder Spin Enc Live is already used in Japan for streaming live events – now, the new version is available worldwide. The MPEG-H Audio support of SAPEC’s Laguna Media Processor (LMP) also is a big step for both Fraunhofer IIS and SAPEC.

Ensuring Flawless Listening Experiences to Billions: xHE-ACC and MPEG-H Audio

Fraunhofer IIS is pleased to announce the extension of its AAC range software license agreement with Google. By extending this fruitful collaboration into the future, users will continue to enjoy uninterrupted streaming with all types of content – such as movies, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Ateme, a global leader of video compression and delivery solutions, and Fraunhofer IIS have collaborated successfully to bring the xHE-AAC encoding for live and file-based content to the TITAN range of products. Also, they facilitate the delivery of personalized and immersive sound experiences with the integration of Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H Audio into Ateme’s KYRION encoders. Thanks to this integration, broadcasters can now provide immersive sound that can be personalized via existing ISDB-T and DVB broadcast networks.

Fraunhofer’s industry-leading MPEG-H Audio and xHE-AAC software encoders are now supported by MainConcept, a leading provider of video and audio codecs, plugins, and applications to the production, streaming, and broadcast industries. MainConcept integrates those Fraunhofer codecs in their FFmpeg Encoder Plugin portfolio and Live Encoder application. Find out more about the collaboration here.

Meta, Inc. announced this week that they are using Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC codec to deliver high-quality audio at scale to Billions of users on iOS and Android devices. xHE-AAC has already been deployed by Meta’s Facebook and Instagram services to provide enhanced audio for features such as Reels and Stories.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at NAB 2023. Make sure to visit our booth #C3529 in Central Hall! For more information about our technologies and registration for the show, click here.

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