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Immersive and personalized audio at the Eurovision Song Contest

The EBU and its technology partners are mounting a parallel production of the event, mixing and transmitting it live with Next Generation Audio in the MPEG-H Audio format. The content is being made available to broadcasters for testing purposes via the Eurovision FINE network. An on-site demonstration is available to journalists and EBU Members in Tel Aviv.

© Fraunhofer IIS / KurtFuchs

Work at Fraunhofer IIS

Our motto "Behind the sound" also includes a look behind the scenes of Fraunhofer IIS every now and then: in a short video about work and career at our institute, our colleague Max Neuendorf, heading the group Audio and Speech Coding, introduces the xHE-AAC technology, which he is working on, and also gives an insight into the benefits of being a Fraunhofer IIS employee (in German; English subtitles available).

Fraunhofer IIS: Dedicated to the progress of China 3D Audio

The development of standards for 4K UHD and 3D audio, as well as the integration of the corresponding technologies into the existing broadcast ecosystem, is moving fast in China. Fraunhofer IIS has been highly active in the process from the start and was confirmed as one of the contributors to the upcoming China 3D Audio (C3DA) technology in early 2017. Fraunhofer IIS' MPEG-H Audio proposal was...