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Fraunhofer IIS Audio and Media Technologies at the 2020 IBC Showcase

Even though IBC isn’t happening at the RAI in Amsterdam this year, the organizers have set up a virtual exhibitor showcase to run from September 8 to 11.

It can be accessed at https://www.ibc.org/ibcshowcase. The Fraunhofer IIS Audio and Media Technologies division will be exhibiting at a virtual Fraunhofer booth (direct link: http://ibc2020.digitalmedia.fraunhofer.de, available from September 8, 2020). Visitors there will discover not only the technologies on display, but also presentations and extra content such as demo videos and webinars, and can engage in a live chat with our experts.

Fraunhofer IIS will present the following audio and media technologies at the 2020 IBC Showcase:

upHear VQE

Fraunhofer upHear Voice Quality Enhancement is a microphone processing technology that facilitates high-quality communication in voice calls and voice-controlled human-machine interactions. upHear Voice Quality Enhancement achieves this by removing interfering sounds captured by the device’s microphones, extracting the user’s voice and canceling out acoustical echoes. Its adaptability to various array geometries allows integration into mobile phones, smart speakers, smart soundbars, cameras and conferencing devices. Recent news on upHear VQE



xHE-AAC is the latest member of the MPEG AAC audio codec family. It is natively supported on the latest Apple, Android and Amazon products, and Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC implementation has been licensed to Microsoft. The codec enables consumers to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of all types of content – such as movies, music, audiobooks or podcasts – with stereo services at bit rates ranging from 12 kbit/s to 500 kbit/s and the ability to switch between them seamlessly. The mandatory MPEG-D DRC metadata provides loudness and dynamic range control so that xHE-AAC can play content at a consistent volume and deliver the best possible user experience in any listening environment, on any device. Latest news on xHE-AAC


Digital radio

Fraunhofer IIS offers technologies and applications for the entire chain of global digital radio standards DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) – from the studio to the receiver. Because IBC is happening virtually this year, we have adapted our demos to a digital format to remain connected with you. Come to Fraunhofer’s virtual show floor and visit our digital radio experts in their webinar on consumer and professional services and solutions. This interactive format allows you to ask questions that are specific to your case and receive practical advice for your workflows. Register here for the free webinar – there are two dates to choose from



As the quality of streaming content increases, so does the need for standardized solutions in audio coding. The complexity of the LC3plus codec meets the requirements of wireless communication platforms while still operating at low latency and low memory footprint. Even at low data rates, LC3plus provides high-quality speech and audio transmission. The LC3plus bit rate is roughly half that of legacy codecs, which facilitates low-energy audio services – making it possible to extend the battery life of products and create smaller devices. LC3plus features greater robustness against transmission errors, even lower encoding delay, and the ability to play back audio in high-resolution quality, for example on wireless headphones. LC3plus product brochure


MPEG-H Audio

MPEG-H Audio enables immersive, interactive and personalized sound with advanced accessibility features such as dialogue enhancement and audio description. Professional equipment is already available from major providers and many live events have been run over ATSC, DVB and ISDB networks with broadcasters worldwide. Next Generation Audio is already a reality with MPEG-H: the system has been on the air 24/7 in South Korea since the launch of its UHDTV system in May 2017 and since last year MPEG-H powers Sony’s 360 Reality Audio immersive music experience already enabled in several commercial streaming services worldwide, including Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Deezer, nugs.net and Sony Select. Latest news on MPEG-H Audio


MPEG-H Authoring Suite

The new MPEG-H Authoring Suite is a toolset combining three post-production tools. It offers full feature support for the recently published MPEG-H ADM Profile and binaural monitoring for immersive audio reproduction over headphones. The MPEG-H Authoring Suite enables the authoring and monitoring of MPEG-H Audio in digital audio workstations and in a stand-alone application for pre-produced mixes. It also allows for quality control of authored MPEG-H audio scenes with or without an accompanying picture.



JPEG XS is a new mezzanine video codec standard aimed at achieving the highest quality for slight compression ratios at low complexity and low latency. It addresses the needs of the broadcast industry when sending production feeds over multiple Ethernet-based links, and offers visually lossless quality while reducing the amount of data by as much as a factor of 12. An SDK (Software Development Kit) for en- and decoding JPEG XS in real time is available for Windows and Linux and can be licensed from Fraunhofer. JPEG XS product brochure



For more than ten years, the post-production software easyDCP has held a secure place on the market for the creation, playback and quality control of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and Interoperable Master Packages (IMPs). Today, more than 1,800 post-production houses and customers worldwide use the easyDCP tools. These are available as a stand-alone version or as plug‑ins for well-known post-production software such as Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, SAM Pablo Rio, Apple Final Cut Pro X and AutoDesk Flame. New features in the easyDCP stand‑alone tools are the support of DTS:X, as well as a visual timeline utilizing Undo/Redo and a Final Cut Pro Bridge to create DCPs/IMPs directly from Apple’s popular editing software. easyDCP product brochure


We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual Fraunhofer booth at the 2020 IBC Showcase!

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