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New webinar: “Comprehensive solutions and expertise for the entire broadcast chain”

Fraunhofer IIS offers technologies and applications for the entire chain of global digital radio standards DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) – from the studio to the receiver. Because IBC is happening virtually this year, we have adapted our demos to a digital format to remain connected with our audience.

The webinar took place on 8 and 11 September, 2020. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Our speakers

Alexander Zink

Senior Business Development Manager, Audio and Media Technologies Division

Alexander Zink has wide-ranging expertise in the fields of digital radio and streaming applications. He started out developing the location-based Universal Mobile Information System (UMIS). Today, one of his areas of focus is the Fraunhofer DRM/DAB ContentServer, a professional broadcast head‑end technology. He is also responsible for Journaline, an interactive text-based information system for digital radio. His most recent work concentrates on xHE-AAC-based audio streaming, audio servers, software-defined radio, transmission protocols, technology development and standardization, as well as IP management and licensing. Regarding Digital Radio Mondiale, he serves as Vice-Chairman of the DRM Consortium.

Bernd Linz

Senior Business Development Manager, Audio and Media Technologies Division

Bernd Linz has an extensive background in digital radio broadcasting and almost 15 years of experience in digital radio technologies and streaming applications. Besides having been involved in the development of technologies in these areas, he has also played a role in the international standardization of digital radio systems. As a senior business development manager, he currently focuses on introducing digital radio and internet music streaming to markets around the world.

Thimmaiah Kuppanda

Business Development Manager, Audio and Media Technologies Division

With broad experience in software design and development engineering, Thimmaiah Kuppanda caters to the business and market development of DRM in India and Asia. He focuses on establishing an ecosystem of industry, broadcasters and regulators, and his current role involves extensive work with major broadcasters and industry partners. He also explores the benefits and market potential of DRM and bridging the gap between technology and consumers.

Thomas Dettbarn

Senior Scientist, Communication Systems Division

Thomas Dettbarn is a senior scientist and software developer with a specialization in software‑defined radio (SDR) solutions for automotive applications. He is a member of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Technical Committee and also serves as an expert for several radio broadcasting standards, such as DAB+, DRM and AM/FM, including Radio Data System (RDS).

Markus Tauber

System Engineer, Audio and Media Technologies Division

Markus Tauber is a system engineer focusing on developing and improving the DAB/DRM ContentServer (CS), a digital radio studio head-end solution. He provides innovative and user-driven contributions to CS to ensure that market and industry demands are met. He also leads the CS integration process for major broadcasters across the globe.

André Hirsch

Software Developer, Audio and Media Technologies Division

André Hirsch is an experienced software developer responsible for the development and maintenance of the Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer, a multi-platform radio application that fully supports the DAB/DRM digital radio standards. In his role as product owner of MultimediaPlayer, he is extensively involved in the management of customer requirements and helps provide timely solutions.

We look forward to your participation!

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