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Fraunhofer IIS showcases innovations at MWC Barcelona.

In just a few weeks, MWC Barcelona opens its doors to connect the mobile communications industry. From February 26 to 29, we are presenting a comprehensive range of solutions in Barcelona. We are excited to meet old and new friends of all industry sectors at our booth 5F31 in hall 5!!

Superior Sound for Consumer Devices

Experience how our upHear AI-based Noise Reduction technology enables a clear voice signal on any device. It delivers high-class performance while keeping the complexity low and energy footprint small, which results in highly efficient battery consumption. Thanks to the adjustable intensity, users can choose how much of the background noise they want removed and find their optimal balance between voice signals and ambience. The low processing delay enables interruption-free natural conversations.
Understanding someone talking to you in a room where many people are speaking at once is quite hard. Particularly when they are talking to you on the phone. Our upHear Target Speaker Extraction was developed to solve this issue: The AI-based technology can distinguish between several voices and focus on the relevant speaker in the most challenging situations.
Hear it for yourself! Step inside our soundproof listening rooms, forget the noise on the showfloor and enjoyour AI-based solutions live in action.

Enjoy Interruption-free Streaming and Broadcast

Most people use streaming technologies on the go as well as in stationary environments. One of the key benefits of xHE-AAC is that it adapts seamlessly to the current situation – for example by adjusting the audio bit rate to the available Internet bandwidth or by using built-in dynamic range control to ensure good intelligibility in the presence of surrounding noise. It is the latest generation of the renowned AAC codec line and used by major streaming services such as Netflix, by Facebook stories, and by Instagram Reels. xHE-AAC is natively supported in iOS, Android, Fire OS, and Windows. It provides DASH/HLS streaming at 12-500 kbit/s, mandatory loudness and dynamic range control, as well as improved speech quality and stereo imaging.

High-quality Audio for the Entire Communication Ecosystem

LC3 and LC3plus address the drawbacks of today’s wireless communication platforms. The low complexity of the codec meets the requirements of wireless communication platforms such as Bluetooth, DECT, and VoIP terminals. By reducing the required bit rate by about 50 percent compared to older codecs, LC3 and LC3plus enable energy-saving services that make a longer battery life or the development of smaller products possible. Thanks to the flexible codec design, applications are not limited to voice services, but can also be extended to high-quality music streaming. At the same time, the codec operates with low coding delay, low computational complexity, and small memory requirements. Get ready to experience how LC3/LC3plus noticeably improves your wireless devices.

The Best-in-class Entertainment System

MPEG-H Audio has made Next Generation Audio a reality and delivers sophisticated broadcast and streaming functionalities as well as outstanding creative opportunities. The system unlocks customized experiences – from highly personalized broadcast and streaming content to advanced accessibility options. MPEG-H Audio is also the basis of the 360 Reality Audio immersive music streaming services.

Truly Immersive Sound on Headphones

Cingo delivers immersive soundscapes to your headphones, your ears, and your imagination. It provides best-in-class audio quality and is easy on the hardware. This makes it the perfect solution for the DSPs of mobile devices or even headphones, where processing power and power consumption are major concerns. When fed with headtracking data, Cingo can create an even more realistic 3D sound experience by responding with minimal latency to the user’s head movement. The state-of-the-art binauralizer is the ideal companion for Next Generation Audio codecs such as MPEG-H and Headphones 3.0.

Teaming Up with More Innovators

Fraunhofer IIS is active in many research fields apart from audio!

Come and see the first-time presentation of a 6G-capable system-level simulator created by the Communication Systems department of Fraunhofer IIS and immerse yourself in the mobile networks of the future. It depicts the complex processes in flexible 3D networks and shows the expected performance. Thanks to this Fraunhofer innovation, 6G will not only be faster, more precise, and more reliable, but also offer universal availability.

Our colleagues from the Positioning and Networks department are presenting the latest developments in 5G and 6G communication networks and network automation at the booth and on the Congress Square between hall 4 and hall 5 (CS50). Find out more here!

We are excited to meet you at MWC Barcelona! Just schedule a meeting or stop by our booth 5F31 in hall 5!

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