Immersive Sound, Effortless Setup: upHear Flexible Rendering Showcased at CES 2024

Your living room. Your home theatre. Your stage.

upHear Flexible Rendering transforms your home into a custom listening environment – by distributing enhanced sound to all available upHear-enabled playback devices. It supports modern immersive audio formats as well as providing first-class upmixing for legacy audio, resulting in a spectacular enveloping effect at all times.

Your home, your aesthetic: unlock the freedom of variable positioning

Just as clothes are meant to fit your body, not the other way around, Fraunhofer upHear was designed to fit your existing living room layout and aesthetic without you having to rearrange the furniture around a speaker setup. upHear Flexible Rendering ensures incredible sound with any given speaker placement as it allows to make the best use of room dimensions, power outlet locations, and furniture setup. Sound performance and aesthetic appeal don’t have to be arduously reconciled any more, and worrying about perfect speaker placement is a thing of the past.

With upHear Flexible Rendering, nothing is set in stone: Adding or removing a speaker from the system is no trouble due to its automatic adaptation to the current playback situation. The setup is simple and fast.

Welcome to the future of immersive audio at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Explore a new sound experience at the Fraunhofer upHear Suite in the Venetian Hotel. We joined forces with StreamUnlimited, a leading provider of software and hardware modules for connected audio and IoT products, and WiSA, who push the boundaries when it comes to wireless transmission and reception technology, to showcase an implementation of the upHear Flexible Rendering on the StreamUnlimited Stream1955 module, utilizing WiSA E for wireless audio transmission – ready for you to discover. Please schedule an appointment in advance at Fraunhofer’s upHear suite.

Step inside Exhibit Suite 35-204 at the Venetian, make yourself a home and experience our cutting-edge technology yourself. Other exciting Fraunhofer audio solutions including MPEG-H Audio, xHE-AAC, LC3plus, and Cingo will be demonstrated at Fraunhofer’s CES booth (LVCC, Central Hall, booth #15726). Click here to find out more. Hear you at CES 2024!

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