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New MPEG-H Audio training center opens its doors in São Paulo, Brazil

Following Brazil’s adoption of the MPEG-H Audio system to enhance the existing ISDB-Tb terrestrial broadcast with immersive and personalized sound, Fraunhofer is taking the next step in supporting Brazilian broadcasters by opening an MPEG-H Audio training center in São Paulo, Brazil.

Fraunhofer’s first MPEG-H Audio training center in Latin America will help take Brazilian content creators to the next level of audio production. Fraunhofer teamed up with Cinecolor Brasil who will host the training center at their São Paulo facility. Merging Cinecolor’s over 20 years of experience in post-production for film, television and content distribution industry with the innovations of the MPEG-H Audio system offers a unique environment for successful education and training of content creators by next-generation audio experts. This collaboration will allow local broadcasters access to the most advanced immersive audio technology, multiple professional MPEG-H production solutions and tools, and direct support from Fraunhofer’s local experts.

The training center is equipped with a Genelec 5.1+4H immersive audio system designed in accordance with studio recommendations for 3D Audio productions with MPEG-H Audio and offers visitors an incredible sound experience in a high-quality listening environment.

In August 2019, MPEG-H Audio – the most advanced audio system standardized for broadcast and streaming services – was chosen to be included as an additional audio system in the specifications of the ISDB-Tb system as part of the “TV 2.5” project. This represents a major technological upgrade of Digital TV in Brazil. Just a few weeks after this significant milestone, the first ISDB-Tb broadcast test using MPEG-H Audio in Brazil was conducted by Globo during one of the world’s biggest music festivals, Rock in Rio.

While the TV 2.5 enhancements to the ISDB-Tb platform can be used right away, the SBTVD Forum started to develop the next-generation Digital Terrestrial Television system – known as “TV 3.0” – in 2020 with a Call for Proposals for candidate technologies. As one of the multiple proponents of the MPEG-H Audio system, Fraunhofer IIS is excited to be part of the TV 3.0 Project and demonstrate the capabilities of the MPEG-H system and its advanced capabilities.

“We are looking forward to working together with the Brazilian broadcasters to help them produce inspiring MPEG-H content and develop local expertise. Through our educational programs, we intend to empower the development of immersive and personalized audio as well as to create space for collaboration and continuous learning,” says Adrian Murtaza, Senior Manager, Technology and Standards at Fraunhofer IIS.

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