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DRM Consortium Announces DRM for Education e-book and Initiative on 10th World Radio Day

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium is celebrating the 10th World Radio Day (WRD), adopted by the UN General Assembly as an international day in 2012, by supporting the three main themes of the WRD 2021: evolution, innovation, and connection in a very practical way.

To mark the day, February 13th, the DRM Consortium, of which Fraunhofer IIS is a full member, has launched its first DRM for Education e-book, as well as the “DRM Delivers Education for All” initiative.

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) was developed as an innovative substitute for large and, later, local audio coverage. DRM offers excellent audio quality in all frequency bands (SW, AM and VHF) doubled by new data carriage opportunities that can be used now for a purpose in great demand, distance education.

The DRM e-book makes a strong case for using DRM for distance learning. As a ”one-to many” platform, digital radio can deliver audio and text over vast areas and, therefore, to all the schools and students in villages far away or in busy cities, with the same content and quality and without any discrimination. With the advantages of DRM, the content in audio and text can be listened to and accessed live or it can be stored and replayed as many times as necessary.

This is a great advantage of digital radio over analogue (not sufficiently showcased and used until now) that needs to be exploited fully to bridge the educational gap that exists in most countries of the world and which the pandemic has made so much worse or more visible.

The e-book “DRM Digital Radio Delivers Education for All” features an article by Fraunhofer IIS’s Thimmaiah Kuppanda and Alexander Zink and is available here.

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