Bang & Olufsen Sound System with Symphoria in the Audi TT. Operated via the Audi virtual cockpit. ©AUDI AG

Move into the fast lane of sound with the new Audi TT and Fraunhofer’s Symphoria ®

The Fraunhofer technology Symphoria complements Bang & Olufsen’s automotive sound system in the new Audi TT and brings first class sound to roads around the world. The new Audi TT released in 2014 is the first production car to be equipped with Symphoria.

The overriding objective of Symphoria is to create impressive soundscapes and transform cars into mobile sound sensations. By increasing width, depth and height, the solution brings a compelling sense of dimensionality to automobile acoustics – to the extent that they resemble those of a concert hall or live stage. Passengers benefit from an excellent and unmatched listening experience in every seat, immersing them in the drama and dynamics of each composition. To achieve this, Symphoria analyses individual sound components within the audio signal and distributes them intelligently inside the car.

On board: first production car equipped with Symphoria ®

Drivers of the new Audi TT can experience this brilliant audio quality here in 2014. The combination of the integrated sound system by Bang & Olufsen and the Symphoria software delivers a compelling in-car listening experience.

Flexibility is the key: Symphoria ® convinces with adaptability

Fraunhofer’s sound algorithm is able to adapt to any situation in automotive environments. Consequently, Symphoria always creates high quality audio for any audio source, integrated sound system or loudspeaker design. The audio solution provides music in excellent stereo quality or gives the soundfield more volume and spaciousness – resulting, we believe, in the best in-car audio experience achieved to date.

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