Audio Technology Highlights at AES Show New York

The AES 2022 is scheduled for Oct. 19–20 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. Throughout the two-day convention, Fraunhofer IIS showcases a range of innovations that take the sound experience to the next level. From creation to transmission and all the way to playback.

Discover the all-new MPEG-H Authoring Suite 5.0! The complete MPEG-H Audio tool chain allows for the authoring, encoding, and playback of your immersive, interactive audio production. It now includes an 8K video and immersive audio player, supports ADM-based production formats, and enables the conversion of Dolby Atmos to MPEG-H Audio. Talk to the developers of the tool on the show floor, and get your own free copy of the software here.

For truly immersive sound on headphones, try our new Fraunhofer Cingo binaural rendering. Cingo brings immersive sound to everyday life through the convenience of using your mobile device. While Cingo offers best-in-class audio quality, it is easy on the hardware, making it an optimal solution for DSPs integrated in mobile devices or even headphones, where processing power and power consumption are major concerns. When fed with head tracking-data, Cingo can create an even more realistic 3D immersive experience by responding to the user’s head movement with minimal latency. As a state-of-the-art binauralizer, it is the ideal companion for Next Generation Audio Codecs such as MPEG-H Audio. Enjoy an interactive demo of Cingo, playing back MPEG-H content on mobile devices at our booth.

xHE-AAC is the latest generation of the renowned AAC codec family and now part of the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec. Users of Sonnox can now audition and encode their creation in xHE-AAC in real time. xHE-AAC is already used by major streaming services such as Netflix and is natively supported in iOS, Android, Fire OS, and Windows. It provides DASH/HLS streaming at 12-500 kbit/s, mandatory loudness and dynamic range control, and improved speech quality as well as stereo imaging. Come to our booth and we’ll be happy to explore how xHE-AAC can benefit your use case.

AES NY 2022 is certainly one of the most respected audio engineering conventions in the world. With AES’s comprehensive selection of workshops, panels, demonstrations, training, papers and more it is an event you should not miss, Fraunhofer can provide you a free Exhibits+ badge upon request, that gives you access to  the exhibition hall, stages, demo rooms, and special events. For more information, your free badge or a meeting request contact us.

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