8k broadcast featuring MPEG-H delivered by NHK Technologies and Spin Digital

HiRes images go with immersive sound. Visitors can experience the workflow live at Inter BEE show in Japan, running November 16-18.

Next Generation TV in Japan means a mind-blowing 22.2 immersive sound and crystal-clear 8K video. Bringing this experience to a broader range of viewers is one of NHK Technologies’ declared goals. Together with Spin Digital, one of the major players on the Asian broadcast and streaming market, they make a move towards Next Generation TV featuring MPEG-H Audio and VVC Video.

The recently launched Spin Digital “8K Live Encoder” and “8K Spin Player” cover a complete end-to-end workflow for 22.2 immersive sound delivery with the MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile Level 4. It covers all steps from production to encoding up to the playback of immersive audio in combination with a breathtaking 8K-resolution video. However, the established workflow is not limited to the software domain alone, thanks to technology providers such as the German New Audio Technologies (NAT) delivering matching hardware solutions. NAT’s Spatial Audio Designer Processor, for instance, is a Level 4 22.2 live production hardware solution for real-time mixing, authoring, and monitoring as well as for offline encoding.

The comprehensive solution, now available on the Japanese market, can render MPEG-H Audio object-based content to any speaker layout and playback environment. This means that an optimal sound rendition can be achieved in any setting – from a full-blown home cinema to a humble living room equipped with a soundbar or even for binaural playback over headphones. Immersive sound and ultra-crisp image deliver a hitherto unmatched experience to every part of the audience.

Within the 22.2 audio signal, there can be up to four additional audio objects transmitted through the software products by NHK Technologies and Spin Digital. Those audio objects open up exciting personalization options for users. These could be audio commentary or mixes with enhanced dialogue for hearing-impaired viewers as well as several languages, all delivered through the same universal data stream.

Experience the bright-sounding future at Inter BEE 2022

The launch of the “8K Live Encoder” and “8K Spin Player” software solutions lay the foundations for NHK Technologies’ plans to continue the development of MPEG-H Audio distribution paths in close partnership with Fraunhofer IIS. At the Fraunhofer booth 4502 at Inter BEE visitors can experience the workflow of VVC video and MPEG-H audio.

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