Langit Musik Indonesia uses Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC audio codec to stream music to millions of subscribers

Fraunhofer IIS, primary developer of the xHE-AAC audio codec, is pleased to announce that PT Nuon Digital Indonesia, the company behind Langit Musik, has launched an xHE-AAC-based music service in Indonesia.

Langit Musik is using the MainConcept xHE-AAC FFmpeg plugin, co-developed with Fraunhofer IIS, to encode its music catalog of 9 million local and international songs with the latest version of the AAC standard.

Langit Musik is an online music service that offers music streaming and downloadable music with a unique and distinctly local feel to its millions of users. Langit Musik was launched in 2010 as one of the first streaming platforms in Indonesia. Subscribers to Langit’s paid subscription service have now the option to listen to the xHE-AAC-encoded music catalog on Android and iOS mobile phones.

xHE-AAC enables users to enjoy uninterrupted streaming with all types of content – such as movies, music, audiobooks, and podcasts. xHE-AAC offers maximum coding efficiency with a usable bit rate range that spans from 12 kbit/s to 500 kbit/s and above for stereo services. Combined with seamless bitrate adaptation using DASH and HLS, this enables operators to stream at lower bitrates for similar audio quality, in many cases reducing transmission costs. It also helps them reduce interruptions on congested networks that are still reality in many big cities and rural areas around the world. At the same time, xHE-AAC can help subscribers to music services such as Langit Musik to reduce their data plan usage costs. Equally important, xHE-AAC’s built-in mandatory support for MPEG-D DRC loudness and dynamic range control ensures a user experience with consistent loudness, eliminating the need to frequently adjust the volume.

xHE-AAC playback including mandatory MPEG-D DRC is natively supported by billions of consumer playback platforms including products running Google’s, Amazon’s, Apple’s, and Microsoft’s operating systems.

“Since rolling out xHE-AAC on our music streaming service, we observed improved coding efficiency which resulted in a measurably smoother streaming experience for our subscribers,” says Ibnu Farid Iskandar, GM Digital Platform at PT Nuon Digital Indonesia.

“We are pleased that the three-party-collaboration between PT Nuon Digital Indonesia, MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS has enabled the first xHE-AAC-based music service in Indonesia,” says Jan Nordmann, Senior Director New Media at Fraunhofer USA. “Langit Musik users are benefitting from uninterrupted streams delivered with excellent audio quality and consistent loudness thanks to Fraunhofer’s xHE-AAC audio codec”.

Demonstrations of xHE-AAC streaming will be available at Fraunhofer’s IBC Show booth at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center (Hall 8, booth B80), September 15-18.

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