Experience TV 3.0 with Fraunhofer IIS at SET Expo Brazil 2023

Would you like to experience how Brazil’s new TV 3.0 system will feel? Then you should visit our booth #44 at SET Expo, which takes place in São Paulo, Brazil, from August 7 to 10. Together with our partners, we present the personalized and immersive sound of MPEG-H Audio and the latest VVC video codec.

SET Expo is the largest trade show for broadcast and new media in Latin America. It connects professionals in the fields of television, cinema, radio, and telecommunications so they can share knowledge and showcase the latest technologies and services. At booth #44, the Fraunhofer IIS team and their partners showcase their suite of Audio and Video Solutions, which address both, the TV 2.5 and the TV 3.0 SBTVD standard.

TV 2.5: A Success Story in Brazil

The Brazilian TV 2.5 system includes MPEG-H Audio as additional audio system to enhance the user experience with immersive and personalized sound. This also helps bridge the gap to the future TV 3.0 system, which includes the Fraunhofer technology as sole mandatory audio codec. Globo, Latin America’s largest media group, enabled 24/7 MPEG-H Audio on their commercial free-to-air channels in December 2022. At SET Expo, we demonstrate a complete end-to-end workflow comprising live production, monitoring, transmission, and consumer experience. The exhibits include the latest monitoring solutions for MPEG-H Audio in production by Juenger and Wohler as well as TV 2.5 live broadcast encoders from ATEME, MainConcept, SAPEC, and Spin-Digital.

TV 3.0: The Future is Now

The standardization of the next generation Digital TV system TV 3.0 is currently carried out in partnership between the Brazilian Ministry of Communications and the Brazilian Digital Terrestrial TV System Forum (SBTVD Forum). VVC video and MPEG-H Audio were already adopted as the mandatory video and audio technologies for the new standard and ensure that the next generation broadcast system in Brazil will bring the most advanced consumer experience. Most recently, the Ministry of Communications has endorsed the TV 3.0 Project with a Presidential Decree and established a Working Group responsible for proposing the regulations applicable to TV 3.0 as well as the implementation and rollout requirements. Broadcast with the new TV 3.0 system is expected to start in 2025 and the smooth transition can be ensured with technologies, partnerships, and solutions like the ones already exhibited by Fraunhofer IIS and its partners.

First DTV Play Application

The live broadcast and streaming demonstrations are rounded off by the first DTV Play Application with MPEG-H Audio support that was created by Mirakulo and Fraunhofer IIS for the Brazilian market. It turns any Android TV which uses AstroTV into an MPEG-H Audio playback device and supports the smooth transition to TV 3.0 through the rollout of TV 2.5.

Tools to Create in MPEG-H Audio

Avid Pro Tools is the world’s most used and awarded audio production software for music, movies, and TV shows. A plugin for MPEG-H Authoring by Fraunhofer IIS is now available for free to Pro Tools Ultimate customers. The powerful combination of state-of-the-art production software and the unmatched creative options of MPEG-H Audio is the key to making your artistic vision come alive.

MPEG-H Decoder Implementation as Public Source Code

Just recently, Fraunhofer IIS has released the MPEG-H Audio decoder software implementation on GitHub. The Fraunhofer FDK MPEG-H Software can be used for a range of operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. In addition to the decoder source code, the release comprises the MPEG-H Audio User Interface (UI) manager for easy access to the personalization options of MPEG-H Audio. Experience the MPEG-H Audio player with UI options live at our booth.

Cloud-based Encoding with MPEG-H Audio

The MainConcept Live Encoder is a powerful all-in-one encoding platform with HEVC and AVC as well as MPEG-H Audio support. It makes it possible to efficiently bring object-based audio and the associated metadata to the cloud for the first time. Thanks to the MPEG-H Audio contribution mode, providers can contribute Next Generation Audio directly into existing cloud-based workflows. The MPEG-H Production Format (MPF) can be seamlessly ingested into cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Plus, broadcasters can use MainConcept’s solution in the cloud for final emission. This makes the Live Encoder a suitable option for today’s needs in streaming environments.

Demonstrating the new Ecosystem with Partners

Fraunhofer IIS, MainConcept, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor present the full experience of the TV 2.5 and TV 3.0 broadcast systems at the upcoming SET Expo. The experts will showcase the most advanced features of MPEG-H Audio, the sole mandatory audio system for TV 3.0, Versatile Video Coding (VVC), and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

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