Video Tutorial for the MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in

Let our colleague Yannik Grewe walk you through the MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in (MHAPi) in a video tutorial series.

With its unique personalization features, the MPEG-H Audio system offers fully user-adjustable dialogue level, customizable audio description, multiple languages, and even interactive object positioning, allowing the media consumption experience to be tailored to individual preferences and needs. With MHAPi, interactive and immersive MPEG-H Audio scenes can be created inside a VST3- or AAX-enabled Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Now, a video tutorial for the MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in is available: In ten episodes, Fraunhofer IIS sound engineer Yannik Grewe provides all the information you need to get started using MHAPi. With a specialization in audiovisual media, Yannik serves as a scientist and field application engineer for MPEG-H Audio. His research in 3D audio production and reproduction technologies has resulted in the publication of numerous papers on these topics. Additionally, he is extensively involved in producing immersive music applications and MPEG-H Audio for major events, such as the European Athletics Championships, the Eurovision Song Contest or Rock in Rio.

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