Discover the Comprehensive MPEG-H Authoring Suite 5.0

Three additional tools make the MAS 5.0 our most complete MPEG-H authoring tool chain yet. It now covers the authoring, encoding, and playback of your immersive, interactive audio production.

The MPEG-H Authoring Suite (MAS) 5.0 is the latest version of the Fraunhofer IIS toolset that paves the way for easier and faster production of MPEG-H Masters. It now covers the complete production, delivery, and playback chain of the MPEG-H Audio system. Experience the new 8K video and immersive audio player, convert Dolby Atmos masters to MPEG-H Audio, encode your MPEG-H Masters to A/V mp4 files for delivery, and discover new features of the essential tool range.

The New Tools: Analyze, Encode, and Play MPEG-H Audio Content

Three new additions to the existing toolset (see below) ensure that you can now analyze, encode, and play back the MPEG-H Audio content you created.

  • MPEG-H VVPlayer (MHVP)
    • Play the encoded MPEG-H mp4 files, with or without video.
  • MPEG-H Encoding and Muxing Tool (MHEX)
    • Encode your MPEG-H Master file and combine it with a video.
  • MPEG-H Info Tool (MHIT)
    • Analyze an MPEG-H Master file for an overview of all file-related and metadata information (e.g., file size, presets, labels).


The Essential Range: Convert, Create, and Author MPEG-H Master Files

The full set includes all tools you need to create MPEG-H Audio content. Use the authoring options to add metadata to your audio essence and to convert various file formats into MPEG-H Audio.

  • MPEG-H Authoring Plug-in (MHAPi)
    • Create object- or channel-based MPEG-H Audio productions and deliver high-end content thanks to the immersive and interactive features of MPEG-H Next Generation Audio.
  • MPEG-H Authoring Tool (MHAT)
    • Create MPEG-H metadata for existing audio material without the need for a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • MPEG-H Conversion Tool (MCO)
    • Convert MPEG-H compliant content masters between different file formats.
  • MPEG-H Production Format Player (MPF)
    • Player for quality assurance of your MPEG-H A/V master files before passing them on to encoding and delivery.

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