Perfect Sound, No Strings Attached

LC3plus Redefines the Future of Wireless Audio

The future is cordless. While wireless headphones have become a mainstream product, other, technologically more complex scenarios, are also on the rise. LC3plus enables high-end recording and playback devices to ditch the cord, making them the ideal companion for content creators, up-market audiophiles, and gaming enthusiasts.

Enabling the production of video content, listening to music, and gaming – preferably with wireless headphones and microphones that combine perfect audio quality with a long battery life: That’s exactly what LC3plus does. Thanks to the robust communication codec’s advanced feature set, high-resolution sound is transmitted either from or to the user with no perceptible latency – all that without a cord.

Simplify Content Creation and Home Entertainment by Subtracting Wires from the Equation

Content creators use high-quality microphones when producing for social media or streaming platforms. Wireless devices, such as the new Sony ECM-S1, lift the creative process to another level of freedom and flexibility. Thanks to LC3plus, high quality recording no longer needs a complicated, restrictive setup. Record what you want, where you want, as long as you want – and always get best-in-class quality.

Not only does the codec provide ideal recording quality, it is also energy efficient. With modern equipment, battery life can often be a challenge, as manufacturers need to balance device size and durability. LC3plus requires significantly less power than other codecs, making it the ideal solution for small devices such as in-ear headphones or clip-on microphones with limited battery capacity.

Even home entertainment applications that traditionally require cabling are currently being revolutionized by the Fraunhofer codec: It’s being used by high-end manufacturer Bang & Olufsen for their wireless speakers Beolab 28 and 8, as well as for the Beosound product line.

No Compromises for Experienced Ears: LC3plus Revolutionizes the Gaming Experience

In gaming, every fraction of a second counts, which makes latency an absolutely crucial feature. A perfect match of sound and image is key for a realistic experience and quick reactions. By now, video games have become the largest and most lucrative sector of the entertainment industry. The tech-savvy community values and demands high-quality equipment and is not willing to compromise on audio quality. The HyperX Cloud III Wireless Gaming Headset gives gamers what they want: LC3plus delivers sound with next to no latency and no cable.

An Opportunity for Manufacturers to Use the Hi-Res Logo

The Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo of the Japan Audio Society (JAS) is one of the most recognized seals of quality in the international audio sector. Only products that meet the highest technical requirements can receive it. The top priority is to ensure that the sound reproduction is as pristine as possible – even when played via wireless connections like Bluetooth. That’s why only devices with the best audio codecs can meet these requirements. In November 2022, LC3plus was added to the list of codecs whose implementation opens the door for device manufacturers to use the logo.

A possibility to hear the quality of LC3plus or speak to our experts will be a visit to the Fraunhofer booth (5F31) at the Mobile World Congress from February 26-29, 2024 in Barcelona.

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