Latest developments showcased at CES and in virtual exhibition space

Fraunhofer IIS presents the latest developments of its audio codec and processing solutions at its first post-Covid trade show, CES in Las Vegas, and in a new online showroom.

Earlier this month, Las Vegas was even more exciting for many visitors than it usually is: From January 5 to 7, the capital of gambling transformed into the capital of consumer electronics. The Fraunhofer staff were excited to meet other people in person again after one and a half years of digital communication. At CES, one of world’s most relevant technology events, we showcased cutting-edge technologies, their integration into sophisticated products, and our partnerships that help advance the world of sound.

This year, as expected, fewer visitors attended the show than before the pandemic. However, the atmosphere did not suffer too much. Our visitors were able to test and experience our audio solutions just like they are meant to be heard as business contacts and journalists’ reports on the event confirmed.

The upHear audio processing family and our low-latency, high-resolutions LC3plus wireless audio codec were the stars of the show, as we had hoped they would be. The upHear range of sound processing technologies dramatically enhances the audio playback or recording quality of professional and consumer devices (more). AudioXpress Editor-in-Chief, Joao Martins, especially praised that upHear Smart Speaker Rendering makes it possible to enjoy an irresistible 3D audio in any home in a practical and smart way:–Can-We-Repeat-CES-2022–Read-About-Some-Great-Audio-Technologies-We-Want-to-See-and-Hear-Again-.html?soid=1104292817535&aid=9SJ-c0C2VQY

There also were new developments in LC3/LC3plus for wireless audio products, xHE-AAC, which targets audio and video streaming services as well as digital radio, and MPEG-H Audio, the most advanced Next Generation Audio Standard that enables personalized and immersive sound. According to’s assessment, consumers have been craving this capability for years:

Experience our technologies in the new virtual showroom

These as well as other technologies from Fraunhofer IIS shape the globally deployed standards and technologies in the fields of audio and moving picture production. For everyone who has missed seeing us at CES, wants to re-live the experience, or is plain curious: If you want to spend some time exploring our innovations and go on an audio technology deep-dive, we have created a new virtual showroom that you can easily access here. Enter our digital exhibition space, learn more about our cutting-edge technologies, and experience them in action. You can also connect with our experts to ask any questions you might have. For the best experience, we recommend some good stereo headphones.

Header image: © Fraunhofer IIS


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