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EBU and Fraunhofer IIS Conducted Live MPEG-H Audio Production Trial at Eurovision Song Contest 2018

May 22, 2018 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Behind the scenes, Broadcasting, Products & Technologies
© EBU/Fraunhofer IIS

The European Broadcasting Union EBU and Fraunhofer IIS have successfully conducted the first trial for live production of immersive and interactive sound using the MPEG-H TV Audio System at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Lisbon, Portugal. For the trial, the Fraunhofer sound engineers installed a height dimension to the impressive microphone setup in the Altice Arena, enabling them to produce an immersive and personalized audio mix live. Broadcasters and sound experts present at the venue could experience the enveloping and interactive MPEG-H sound.

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EU project ORPHEUS shows object-based media innovations at workshop in Munich on 15 May

May 14, 2018 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Broadcasting, Good to know
© W.Bleisteiner/ORPHEUS

Imagine you could adapt the length of a radio documentary as you require or listen to a radio drama from the positions of different protagonists in the play. These and many more personalised, immersive listener experiences become possible due to a novel technological concept called object-based media, which will fundamentally change the production and user experience of radio broadcasts and multimedia productions. Key tools and apps for implementing object-based media for audio content have been developed by ORPHEUS, an EU-funded research project performed by ten major European media industry players. On 15th May 2018, the consortium will present their results at a workshop in Munich to about 150 representatives of the global media industry. The event will be hosted by IRT, the research institute of the public broadcasters of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Trinnov AV Processor with MPEG-H Support

May 11, 2018 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Broadcasting, Products & Technologies
trinnov-altitude32-mpeg-h-orpheus © W. Bleisteiner/ORPHEUS

At the HIGH END trade show in Munich, Germany (May 10th – 13th, 2018), visitors will be able to experience the first Trinnov Audio device that supports the interactive and immersive audio format MPEG-H 3D Audio and showcases the advantages of object-based audio.

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Fraunhofer IIS and MPEG-H Audio at NAB 2018

April 25, 2018 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Broadcasting, Events & Tradeshows, Good to know, Products & Technologies, Success Stories

The NAB 2018 was a great show for Fraunhofer as we were able to announce a lot of success stories around MPEG-H. This video gives some more details:

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JPEG XS – Image coding for video over IP transmission in production quality

April 13, 2018 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Good to know, Products & Technologies
JPEG XS as an input format in a software-plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC with real-time playback capability of 4k60p UHD

Fraunhofer IIS announced its first JPEG XS codec implementation for video production at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The coding specialists of Fraunhofer IIS demonstrated the JPEG XS codec as an input format for post-production in a software plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC with real-time playback capability of 4k60p UHD video.

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