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MONTH: February, 2016


Roaring Dragons: MPEG-H, Cingo and EVS at Mobile World Congress

February 26, 2016 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Events & Tradeshows

At Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, there were several exciting highlights for Fraunhofer IIS. Starting with the announcement of the LG 360 VR featuring Fraunhofer Cingo and HE-AAC to the availability of phones with EVS enabled chipsets, the show struck a strong tone for trends for 3D sound for VR and high-quality phone calls. Also, a surprisingly high number of dragons could be seen and heard in Barcelona.

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Fraunhofer Immersive Audio Technology on LG 360 VR

February 22, 2016 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Events & Tradeshows, Success Stories

LG 360 VR users to experience unrivaled audio quality for virtual reality with Fraunhofer Cingo and the HE-AAC codec. At Mobile World Congress 2016, Fraunhofer IIS presents an immersive audio technology solution for enhancing the audio on the innovative LG 360 VR. It comes with Fraunhofer Cingo, the leading immersive audio rendering solution for virtual reality. The delivery of surround audio to LG 360 VR is made possible by today’s most efficient high-quality surround and stereo codec co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS, High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC).

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A new sound dimension for renowned documentary series

February 4, 2016 Fraunhofer IIS | Category: Audio, Behind the scenes, Broadcasting

In a worldwide industry first for a TV broadcast station, the German public broadcaster ZDF will use MPEG-H Audio and Cingo for a TV production. The upcoming episode “Wolfskinder” from the highly successful documentary series “Terra X” will be produced in 3D sound together with 4K and 360 degree video for virtual reality applications. Fraunhofer IIS will be responsible for providing next generation audio technologies Cingo and MPEG-H, in addition to supporting 3D sound recordings on set.

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