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Sumavision integrates full MPEG-H Audio support into its new 4K/8K UHD broadcast encoder

Following Brazil’s adoption of the MPEG-H Audio system for enhancing the existing ISDB-Tb terrestrial broadcast with immersive and personalized sound, Sumavision is taking a cutting-edge step in the Brazilian broadcast market by enabling MPEG-H Audio support in its latest 10k118 live broadcast encoder.

Sumavision 10k118 is a high performance and easy-to-use encoding platform for cable, satellite, IPTV or terrestrial applications. Thanks to close collaboration between Fraunhofer IIS and Sumavision experts, the integration of the MPEG-H Audio software enables the Sumavision 10k118 platform to provide ISDB-Tb encoded streams according to the latest ABNT broadcast standard in Brazil. This allows broadcasters to deliver immersive and interactive sound over the existing SBTVD/ISDB-Tb system by simulcasting MPEG-H Audio alongside the existing AAC audio.

Already supporting all major video formats used in broadcast, Sumavison’s live broadcast encoder can now be deployed for delivery of MPEG-H Audio next generation experiences in various HD and UHD broadcast services via ISDB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C. Moreover, with its integrated solution, the Sumavision 10k118 supports the development of the Chinese UHD video industry.

“Fraunhofer IIS is a long-standing partner for audio solutions and we are pleased to announce the adoption of the MPEG-H Audio software for our 4K live broadcast encoder. With Sumavison products deployed in more than 110 countries and regions and serving one billion people around the world, the addition of MPEG-H Audio will bring major benefits to the viewers at home,” says Linda GUO, Senior Product Manager, Sumavision.

From the outset, the MPEG-H Audio system was designed with the capability to enable most advanced NGA features with SDI-based functionality alongside IP. The system’s unique metadata handling solution enables the MPEG-H metadata to be delivered through a PCM channel over SDI, fully aligned with the video frame rate. MPEG-H authoring and monitoring units that are already available can be used in live broadcast to enable personalization and accessibility features, providing the Sumavision encoder with the MPEG-H metadata and control data.

“The adoption of MPEG-H Audio by all major broadcast standards opens up new opportunities to enhance broadcast services and offer enriched experiences to consumers. Sumavision’s adoption of MPEG-H Audio represents another milestone in Fraunhofer’s continued efforts to deliver high-quality applications for advanced audio technologies, particularly in Brazil, Europe and China,” says Toni Fiedler, General Manager of Fraunhofer IIS’ representation in China.

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