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Fraunhofer IIS licenses MPEG-H Audio patents to Samsung

Fraunhofer IIS is pleased to announce the licensing of its MPEG-H Audio patents to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., allowing Samsung to manufacture products that feature MPEG-H Audio.

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Future of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 29

The subcommittee that is the home to JPEG and MPEG is currently in the process of updating its internal structure. Fraunhofer IIS has been committed to SC 29 since its beginning and will continue to show that strong commitment under the new structure.

xHE-AAC in a Nutshell

Regular readers of this blog of course know xHE-AAC very well already. However, for all those who are new to this audio codec - the latest addition to the AAC family - we have created an animated video about its most important features and benefits.