Bringing content to life at NAB Show in Las Vegas

For one hundred years now, NAB has kept up with the latest trends and innovations in media, technology, and entertainment.

Since Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, has been a part of many of these developments over the last decades, we look forward to being a part of their special show in Las Vegas from April 15 to 19. The Institutes IIS, FOKUS, and HHI are global leaders in media technology development. Together, they present the latest innovations in the Central Hall, booth C3529.

For more than 35 years, the Audio and Media Technologies division of Fraunhofer IIS has been shaping the globally deployed standards and technologies in the fields of audio coding and moving picture production. The systems and tools help create, transmit, and provide excellent audio and video content as well as enabling high-quality real-time communication. Every day, billions of people around the world use Fraunhofer technologies, since almost all consumer electronics devices, computers, and mobile phones are equipped with them.

Impressive solutions for seamless audio experiences

The solutions showcased at NAB stand for impressive audio experiences: xHE-AAC for digital radio and AV streaming, MPEG-H Audio for immersive and interactive sound, and LC3/LC3plus for high-quality audio over wireless connections. Fraunhofer IIS is also a leading supplier in the field of broadcast encoder and receiver components for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and DAB. In the field of moving picture technologies, new production tools and coding technologies boosted the creation of professional tools for digital film and media production, such as easyDCP and JPEG XS , both of which will be presented at NAB 2023 with their latest updates.

Joining forces with Fraunhofer FOKUS and Fraunhofer HHI

As part of Fraunhofer FOKUS, the business unit for Future Applications and Media (FAME) develops future web and media technologies to offer intelligent media services and applications. Our team of visionaries combines creativity and innovation with their technical expertise for the creation of interactive media. FAME is actively participating and contributing to various standardization activities including CTA WAVE, DASH-IF, W3C, and HbbTV.

At NAB, FOKUS will showcase recent innovations and solutions focusing on Video AI for contextual video Encoding, Addressable TV, streaming analytics, and live QoE as well as Metaverse in the context of TV and streaming.

Research and development at Fraunhofer HHI are also focused on moving pictures – more precisely on compressed video data. Today, over 80% of the global internet traffic and over half of the mobile network traffic is video based. Versatile Video Coding (VVC) goes beyond the current state-of-the-art High Efficiency Video Coding standard: VVC provides a 50 per cent bitrate reduction. On top, VVC includes specific coding tools and system functionalities for a wide range of applications such as resolution-adaptive multi-rate video streaming services, 360-degree immersive video, ultra-low-delay streaming, gaming, and screen sharing. At NAB 2023, Fraunhofer HHI will showcase the latest versions of its optimized VVC open-source software implementations together with their integration into third-party applications.

Learn more about our demos on our Fraunhofer IIS website.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

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