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MPEG-H Audio in a Nutshell

Regular readers of this blog already know a lot about MPEG-H Audio, since we have been reporting on its progress here since 2014. However: as a short summary, and for those people who might have encountered the term and concept for the first time only recently, we have produced an animated short movie, explaining MPEG-H’s key features in vivid images.

Notice: Starting the video transfers usage data to youtube.

MPEG-H Audio is the first next-generation audio system used in a regular terrestrial 4K TV service and has been on the air 24/7 in South Korea since the launch of its UHDTV system in May 2017. As well as providing immersive sound, MPEG-H Audio enables the viewer to personalize a program’s audio mix. In terms of content delivery and playback, MPEG-H’s universal delivery concept ensures the best sound, regardless of the consumer device or listening environment.

Learn more about MPEG-H Audio at www.iis.fraunhofer.de/mpeg-h and www.mpegh.com.

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