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Mevo camera enables live streaming in top audio quality, thanks to Fraunhofer technology

Fraunhofer upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing ensures high-quality sound recordings – no matter where the camera is located

Mevo streaming cameras make live streaming on numerous internet platforms easy. To ensure that the recordings deliver the best audio quality possible, the new Mevo Start camera with multiple recording modes incorporates upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing from Fraunhofer IIS. This technology ensures impressive spatial reproduction in concert mode and improves speech intelligibility in speech mode by effectively reducing noise.

Tailored to the recording situation

For interviews and live streaming from home, Mevo Start’s speech mode is the setting of choice. Cameras without processing would record the entire room, resulting in reverberation and noise that can interfere with speech intelligibility – especially when users move away from the camera. To combat this effect, Mevo Start in speech mode extracts the desired speech and attenuates undesired sounds, so intelligibility remains high at all times.

With the camera’s concert mode, users can capture immersive audio experiences during live events. Due to the compact microphone arrangement a camera this size (1.3 x 3.0 x 3.4″) requires, the stereo image would be extremely small in this mode without processing, compromising the listener’s spatial impression. Fraunhofer’s upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing technology solves this problem and ensures excellent spatial stereo sound.

To optimize the technology for the Mevo Start, Fraunhofer engineers were involved in the development of the camera at an early stage. This meant they could provide valuable assistance, for example in determining exactly where the microphones should be installed in order to achieve an optimum result.

The Mevo Start streaming camera will go on sale in April and is already available to preorder: https://mevo.com/mevo-start/

Header image: © Manuela Wamser – Fraunhofer IIS

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