KORG’s Live Extreme Supports MPEG-H Audio

An exclusive Demonstration can be experienced at the KORG booth at OTOTEN 2024 exhibition in Tokyo.

KORG, Inc, a legendary innovator in creating musical instruments has announced the support for MPEG-H Audio with the latest version of their revolutionary internet video streaming system, Live Extreme.

Live Extreme’s encoding technology delivers the highest quality audio and video in the industry, including multitudes of high resolution and immersive audio formats, allowing audiences to hear every nuance of a performance. KORG has signed a license agreement with Fraunhofer IIS, the globally leading audio research institute from Germany, to add support for the MPEG-H Audio live stream inside KORG’s Live Extreme Encoder v1.14 to be released in August 2024.

MPEG-H Audio is a Next Generation Audio technology delivering immersive experiences that can be personalized. The object-based system powers Sony’s 360 Reality Audio music streaming which is available on major platforms. It is the only audio system of the terrestrial UHD TV service in South Korea, and the only mandatory audio system for Brazil’s TV 3.0 broadcast service. It was also adopted for inclusion in Japan’s next-generation terrestrial digital broadcasting specification. The addition of MPEG-H Audio to the Live Extreme’s supported codecs is expected to further promote high-quality audio and immersive audio format streaming.

“The mission of Live Extreme is to deliver the highest quality audio that other streaming systems can’t,” says Koji Oishi, Director of KORG Inc. “Features like 22.2 channel-based audio and streaming of pure object-based productions wouldn’t be possible without MPEG-H Audio capabilities, and I can’t wait to see many streaming shows to be delivered in this supreme quality soon.” “Integrating MPEG-H Audio into KORG’s Live Extreme is a significant step towards streaming highest quality next-generation entertainment experiences into more and more homes,” agrees Yannik Grewe, Senior Engineer Media Technologies at Fraunhofer IIS. “The partnership with KORG was driven by a shared passion for perfection that will show in unforgettable experiences for global audiences.”

Live Extreme internet streaming system was launched in September 2020. Its audio-first concept, such as prioritizing audio clock for sound quality, and support for lossless/hi-res audio have gained an enormous amount of positive feedback. As of today, more than 150 concerts have been streamed with Live Extreme.

To learn more about Live Extreme, please visit their website. This news release can also be viewed in Japanese from our Partner KORG.


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