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Fraunhofer introduces JPEG XS ultra low latency software implementation

Fraunhofer IIS announces ultra-low-latency software implementation of JPEG XS.

Fraunhofer IIS announces its ultra-low-latency software implementation of JPEG XS on DELTACAST´s video I/O solution with a latency far below one frame. This will allow broadcast equipment developers and implementers to profit from JPEG XS in terms of low latency but also low complexity within their devices and equipment. It will boost the possibility to transmit extremely high quality images and videos over IP and to set-up collaborative, remote processes within a broadcast or professional video production environment.

The standardized JPEG XS codec makes it possible to handle high quality media workflows from acquisition to distribution by using Internet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet infrastructure. With the availability of Ethernet interfaces with larger bandwidth and the mezzanine codec JPEG XS, commercial off-the-shelf components from the IT industry and standard internet connectivity can now be used to transmit extremely high quality images and videos over IP in local and wide area networks with the lowest latency. But today many video I/O devices are still based on SDI. To bridge the gap between SDI and IP, while keeping ultra low latency in the overall system, special I/O devices with subframe access are necessary. Together with DELTACAST´s I/O solution the proof of JPEG XS extremely low latency below one frame, make standard latencies of five frames and more to hurdles of the past. The Fraunhofer IIS JPEG XS SDK can play to its strength in this combination the strong demand on almost “zero” latency as well as visually lossless quality with compression ratios up to 10:1. It also supports resolution up to 8K and features a frame rate from 24 to 120fps. JPEG XS is optimized for multiple platforms like FPGA, ASIC and CPU and guarantees multi-generation robustness.

“We are very pleased to see that the JPEG XS implementation together with our I/O video cards can meet the expectations of ultra low-latency transmission of professional workflows in this joint effort with Fraunhofer and our company,” explains Gérald Olivier, Head of Product Marketing at DELTACAST.

JPEG XS excels with ultra low latency and an attractive licensing program

JPEG XS is tailored to the specific requirements of the broadcast and movie production industry and to high quality in-house distribution. “We are looking forward to further solutions that make the JPEG XS advantages available for the market, because this is an essential part of Fraunhofer´s applied research and development technology-transfer-acitivities,” said Professor Siegfried Foessel, Head of the Moving Picture Techologies Department at Fraunhofer IIS. “Therefor we set-up a license program of JPEG XS, where  each manufacturer, developer or provider can find the right license model for his business.”

More information about the codec: https://iis.fraunhofer.de/jpegxs



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