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Fraunhofer IIS Launches New Audio Blog

Today is the day: Fraunhofer IIS has finally launched its new audio blog. As the worldwide leading provider of technology in the field of audio signal processing and audio coding, we want to share our experiences and our passion for audio with you. We invite you go behind the scenes with us and take a look into the fascinating world of audio technology.

We, the employees of the Audio & Multimedia department at Fraunhofer IIS, will share posts on a variety of topics related to the audio world and its future. We will share both big breakthroughs and small bits of our day-to-day work with you here. This blog gives us a platform to present current and future research topics, to introduce new solutions for high quality audio, and to inform you about cutting-edge trends in the areas of broadcasting, streaming, and communication.

For more than 25 years, we here at Fraunhofer IIS have been working to turn our ideas and innovations for the future of sound into realities. From the creation of mp3 and the co-development of the audio coding technology AAC to the future of audio entertainment for broadcasting, Fraunhofer IIS has proven it is the place to find exciting developments in the audio world.

Fraunhofer-Cingo for virtual surround sound on mobile devices, Fraunhofer-Symphoria for immersive automotive 3D audio, AAC-ELD for telephone calls with an impressive audio quality, and Dialogue Enhancement that allows television viewers to adjust dialogue volume to suit their personal preferences are just a few of our cutting-edge technologies that have improved music, audio, television, and telephone experiences for millions of users. Today, we have more than 1,000 licensees and our solutions enabled over 8 billion products.

We look forward to your questions, suggestions, and discussions, and we happily welcome you to the new Fraunhofer IIS audio blog.

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