Cadence joins MPEG-H trademark program and offers MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile decoders for Tensilica HiFi DSPs

Cadence joins MPEG-H Audio System trademark program to integrate MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile decoding capabilities into their Tensilica HiFi DSPs audio, voice, and AI speech processors.

Fraunhofer and Cadence Design Systems, Inc. today announced that Cadence is offering decoder implementations supporting the new MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile and has joined the MPEG-H Audio System trademark program administered by Fraunhofer. Adding MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile decoding capabilities to Cadence’s industry-leading Tensilica HiFi DSP designs opens up the potential to bring interactive and immersive sound to millions of users worldwide.

Tensilica HiFi DSPs are the most widely licensed audio, voice and AI speech processors with more than 150 partners in the comprehensive HiFi audio ecosystem. More than 125 top-tier semiconductor companies and system OEMs have selected Tensilica HiFi DSPs for a vast array of products.

Tailored to the needs of next-generation broadcast, streaming, and high-quality immersive music delivery, the MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile is the ideal answer to industry requirements, providing truly immersive experiences and unmatched advanced Next-Generation Audio features including user interactivity and accessibility. As a subset of the existing MPEG-H 3D Audio Low Complexity Profile, the Baseline Profile enables maximum interoperability with existing devices that have implemented that particular profile while at the same time significantly reducing the implementation and testing effort.

“Cadence was the first company to offer a licensable MPEG-H audio decoder implementation for DSPs in 2016. Adding support for the MPEG-H 3D Audio Baseline Profile with its streamlined set of tools to our Tensilica HiFi DSPs enables us to meet the latest market demands for Next-Generation Audio features,” said Yipeng Liu, product marketing group director for Tensilica audio/voice IP at Cadence.

Cadence has joined the MPEG-H Audio System Trademark Program administered by Fraunhofer as a licensed decoder provider to offer tested components to end-product manufacturers. The program signals to consumers that MPEG-H products have been verified to work with each other and support all necessary MPEG-H Audio features.

“We are pleased that Cadence has joined the MPEG-H trademark program. Having tested decoders available on the HiFi family will help rapidly bring MPEG-H capabilities to the wide range of consumer products using Tensilica DSPs,”  said Robert Bleidt, Division General Manager of Fraunhofer USA DMT*, which promotes and supports the products of Fraunhofer IIS in the US.

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* Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies DMT, a division of Fraunhofer USA, Inc.. Fraunhofer USA Inc. is a legally Independent affiliate of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany

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