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Whether it’s compelling sound experiences for tablets, 3D audio sound installations or high quality audio for telephone calls, audio technologies developed by Fraunhofer are an integral part of modern lives. Indeed, almost every smartphone, PC or TV – now totaling more than 8 billion devices – is using technology made in Erlangen.

Working on future-oriented audio and multimedia technologies, Fraunhofer IIS has attained the prestigious position of the world’s most celebrated source of audio and multimedia technologies.

Every day more than 200 scientists and engineers work on new audio technologies to continue the success story of mp3. To provide an insight into their continuing work, this newly-launched blog will develop into an extensive information resource encompassing background articles, technology reports, trade fair trend analyses, product presentations and more. The Fraunhofer Audio blog will give a first-hand account of current audio topics, trends and events involving Fraunhofer, as well as providing an overview of the developments affecting the fast-moving world of audio coding. We hope you enjoy reading this blog and look forward to many thought-provoking discussions about a topic that concerns us all: high quality audio.

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